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Automated and Configurable Solutions

Save time, reduce errors and boost productivity with Advantasure’s enrollment technology solution and service. We can process your new enrollees for you or your internal team can use our robust platform that automates several time-consuming claims processes, including:

  • Identifying, prioritizing, and correcting enrollment discrepancies between your plan and CMS
  • Generating automated letters to facilitate meeting CMS timeliness
  • Providing automated CMS file generation, transmission and processing
  • Enrolling members with near instantaneous feedback on application completeness and validation
  • Delivering real-time eligibility and entitlement verification

Support Membership Growth

Our cost-saving flexibility allows you to easily configure system updates for existing plans, products and membership, in-house and without code changes. What’s more, you’ll experience increased administrative efficiencies, greater adherence to CMS requirements and support for Star rating measures.

  • Improve CMS Star measures by maximizing enrollment, lowering disenrollment, and enhancing customer satisfaction

Client Performance

  • Achieved 99% new enrollment success rate.
  • Reached 80% reduction in application processing time.

Optimize the Open Enrollment Window

During open-enrollment crunch time, we can take the pressure off your team by managing member enrollment and reconciliation, and by assisting with CMS guideline compliance for new Medicare Part C and Part D members.

Extend Functionality: Add-on Solutions

  • Provider and customer service
  • Correspondence
  • Appeals and Grievances

Additional Features

  • Daily and monthly membership reconciliation
  • Reconcile CMS special status via automated daily maintenance
  • Submit, monitor, and archive CMS files via optional services
  • Expand enrollment with minimal impact on staff resources

Find Out How We Fuel Accelerated Performance

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