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Introducing Health Management from Advantasure

A challenge as robust and complex as health management requires a platform built by those who understand your needs.

As our industry moves from fee-for-service to value-based care, plans and providers have become more sophisticated in their collection of valuable clinical data needed to support their member and patient care initiatives. Being able to leverage that data, on the other hand, and turn it into relevant and actionable intelligence, has proven to be a challenge.

As an added layer of difficulty, health care delivery now requires providers and plans to work together in ways they haven’t before. Increased engagement, intentional coordination and shared data resources are a necessity; in an industry famous for data silos, pocketed clinical encounters and a myriad of other inconsistencies.

Through our work with plans and providers around the country, we have a firsthand understanding of how these issues are affecting plan operations, provider accuracy and, most importantly, care delivery to members.

We’ve been working on a solution that would not only fit with our products and services, but also integrate with our leading, cloud-based technical infrastructure – claims systems, EMRs, analytics platforms, etc. – to create a health management platform that truly changes the way providers and plans work together to deliver care.

Symphony™ is here.

Symphony™ was created to solve the complex issue of value-based care and plan/provider coordination. Designed by physicians and care management experts to address these specific issues, our fully cloud-native platform delivers efficient, agile, accurate and user-friendly health management to each participant on the healthcare continuum.

Platform Capabilities and Features:

  • Fully cloud-based to allow all users to work from a shared record and database; increasing accuracy, simplifying workflows and improving speed and efficiency.
  • Robust algorithms comb data repositories to deliver valuable member-specific materials like assessments, care plan recommendations, engagement workflows and records that are tailored to their individual needs; making member encounters more efficient and aligning better with value-based care models.
  • A robust utilization management capability that is closely integrated with the clinical care management modules and designed to maximize the efficiency of UM teams by streamlining this process across settings and using service-specific prompts to ensure accurate and efficient entry, tracking and reporting on authorizations.
  • After initial implementation, programs and workflows can be easily modified and optimized based on new information to increase agility and enable plans and providers to quickly adapt to changing requirements or member needs.
  • Automated documentation capture, user-prompting and detailed audit trails makes contract compliance reporting and risk management easier.
  • Our proprietary workflow engine uses a single unified experience – focused on simplicity and efficiency – to standardize data and engagement across provider networks.
  • Role-based access and reporting means all members of a care team have access to the information, workflows and reports most relevant to their work; creating improved cohesion for multi-disciplinary care teams.
  • Our advanced analytics platform identifies care gaps, recommends interventions and provides business intelligence for each member or patient.
  • Consolidate all complaints, appeals and grievances (CAG) activity into one seamless cloud-based system that can be accessed across payer, provider and member workflows.

We have spent extra time and effort in bringing the Symphony™ platform to Advantasure because we needed to be sure it met, and exceeded, the needs of our clients, their members, and the dynamic industry in which we operate.

We believe Symphony™ is one of the most flexible, innovative and complete health management platforms in the industry, and when combined with our other programs, platforms and deep expertise, it forms one of the most comprehensive health plan management platforms available in the market.

We can’t wait for the opportunity to show you what Advantasure’s Symphony™ can do.



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